The new evidence that could solve the Alcázar case 30 years later

The Alcàsser case is still open 30 years later, and new evidence could now give a definitive turn to the investigation. Yes, because the investigating court investigating the murders has ordered new evidence. Specifically, the remains found in the pit where the victims were buried will be analyzed.

Miriam (14 years old), Toñi (15) and Desirée (14) were murdered on November 13, 1992. The bodies were found on January 27 in a grave located in the La Romana ravine, difficult to access. 30 years later, the main suspect, Antonio Inglés, is still a fugitive from justice.

With the intention of clarifying the truth and proving English's guilt, the prosecution requested new evidence in court. For this reason, the instructor has authorized the analyzes that, thanks to the new methods, could reveal important novelties. Therefore, are we closer to knowing what happened in Alcázar?

  1. New test to find out the truth
  2. Another proof that it can be key
  3. One last push to the case

New test to find out the truth

The Laxshmi Association for the fight against crime, which exercises popular prosecution, made a petition to the judge. He asked for an analysis of the carpet in which the bodies of the three girls were wrapped. At first, it could not be done because the rest of the carpet had not been located.

Image of the 'La Romana' house where the crime of the Alcàsser girls took place

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Once found, the instructor has asked the Civil Guard to send the object to the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences of Madrid. Thus, the carpet will be analyzed together with other pieces found in the pit. And the results will be included in the framework of the investigation open to this court.

The Forensic Service of the Civil Guard You must now appear in the judicial warehouse of Ribarroja (Valencia). There they will collect the remains to transfer them to the court, from where they will be sent to Madrid to study them. However, this is not the only piece of evidence that can shed light on the case.

Another proof that it can be key

The Investigating Court number 6 of Alzira has authorized the analysis of a piece of wet paper that also appeared in the grave. In its day it was analyzed, but rudimentary methods prevented anything clear. Now, a new scientific technique could reveal relevant information.

The paper will be sent to a private laboratory of Madrid, which has modern techniques to decipher if there is any type of typography or numbering. There is a suspicion that it could be a bus ticket or an entrance. Thus, they hope that thanks to new technologies they can reveal something veiled on paper.

The Laxshmi Association has asked the court for a new procedural momentum with the agreed evidence. The objective is to find traces of blood, semen or DNA that confirm the authorship of the crime by the suspects. Also discover new facts about the crime and the circumstances.

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One last push to the case

The official theory points to Antonio Anglés as the main inducer and material author of the kidnapping and assassinat of the girls. His accomplice, Miguel Ricart, was in prison for these events. The prosecution wants to speed up the investigation to prove the authorship of Antonio Anglés before it expires.

Antonio English


Miguel Ricart was sentenced in 1997 to 170 years in prison for the triple crime, and has been free since 2013. Antonio Anglés fled after the crime and his whereabouts remain a great mystery today. They do not rule out that he is dead, but, nevertheless, the case is still open and still unresolved.

Miguel Ricart's first plan

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In order to get closer to the truth, this prosecution has requested the analysis of hair and other forensic remains in the vehicles of Ricart and Inglés. It should not be forgotten that the case has always been surrounded by rumors and conspiracies. And it is that for some, the official truth is only a cover.

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