The product used by thousands of women in Catalonia and now linked to cancer

You have to be careful if you use these products. The latest research links them to cervical cancer, the second most common cancer in women worldwide. Of course, thanks to detection, now in Catalonia it has become a less frequent type of cancer.

  1. The relationship between the appearance of cancer and certain products
  2. What products increase the risk of uterine cancer?
  3. Do you know what cervical cancer is? of uterus?

The relationship between the appearance of cancer and certain products

neck cancer of uterus it develops through precursors and therefore cancer can be prevented by screening.The precursors can be detected with the help of a sample of cells taken from the neck of theuterus and treated before cancer develops.

It is known that prolonged infection caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most important risk factor for cervical cancer of uterus. In fact, they have found this virus in more than 90% of neck cancer tumor samples. of uterus.

However, one study recently published in the USAand carried out by the NIH (National Institutes of Health; in Catalan, 'Insituts Nacionals de Health'), has found something alarming. Hair straightening products could influence the appearance of this type of cancer, since they can influence female hormones.

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What products increase the risk of uterine cancer?

In a study published a few weeks ago, the link between endometrial cancer and hair products has been confirmed: they contain some chemicals that can cause hormonal disturbances. So that, hormonal imbalances increase the risk of uterine cancer. In fact, in previous studies, continued use of hair products has been linked to breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

According to the new NIH study, women who use chemical hair straightening products have a much higher risk of uterine cancer than those who do not. This study included 33,497 US women ages 35 to 74, who were followed for about 11 years. During that time, 378 cases of cancer were diagnosed. of uterus.

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The scientists found that those women who had reported common use of hair straightening products were more than twice as likely to develop uterine cancer, compared to those who did not.

Despite the alarm, scientists have found no link between uterine cancer and regular use of other typical hair products such as perms, dyes, bleaches, or highlights.

Do you know what cervical cancer is? of uterus?

The uterus is a pear-shaped organ found in the lower part of a woman's abdomen, between the bladder and the rectum. consistsof two parts: the upper part is the body of the uterus and the lower part, the cervix.

Most neck cancers of uterus they originate in the superficial cells, that is, in the squamous epithelium. this cancer It is called squamous cell carcinoma. If it originates from glandular cells lining the cervical canal, receives the name ofadenocarcinoma.

Adenocarcinoma and its precursors are more difficult to detect by screening than squamous cell carcinoma.Its percentage in countries with good screening coverage is still around 30-40%.

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