The request of the hearing to Carles Porta for the 'Crimes' of this Monday

Today is Monday and, therefore, it is 'Crims' night. Last week, the journalist Carles Porta and his team brought light to the darkness and all of Catalonia was able to learn the outcome of the Madrid / Girona case. A lurid ending where theassassinat from Anne Strande to Madrid and that of Montse Mendez in Girona.

This means that today we will see a new case, but like last week, we will not see it end until next Monday. It is the novelty of this new season of the program true crime most viewed in Catalonia. Two cases divided into two parts. What the audience did not like too much.

In fact, along these lines, there have been many people who have made a desperate request regarding the program. And it is that the fans of 'Crims' They ask that the cases not be divided into two parts. But on second thought, if they hadn't split them up, this season would literally be over in two days.

«Is it so difficult to extend the schedule and do it for a single day? Easier impossible. Let's do things well, it doesn't cost so much, "a user tweeted on his Twitter account.

"Then the season ends faster than they want," wrote another.

▶️ The video of the week

Various criticisms of the program

Tonight we will learn about the Febamar case. This is the summary we found on the website of TV3 about today's broadcast.

«The owner of a car dealership in Alcanar is surprised one night in 2008 at his house while he is with the woman. The marriage is tortured to death.

The interior of the house appears very disturbed and, in the patio, a vehicle is missing. The investigation takes place between Terres de l'Ebre and Castelló de la Plana, and the Mossos d'Esquadra that day Civil Guard they will have to understand each other in order to solve it.”

In addition, the same program has published a small summary and the trailer of the case on its Twitter account to start making teeth for the audience and that they take tonight's program even more eagerly. A tasting showing some key points such as a can of Diet Cokewhich will have a great role.

«This Monday, a new chapter of 'Crims'. Alcanar, December 2008. The bodies of a woman and her partner, owner of a car dealership, are found in a house. A vehicle is missing from the yard. The first part of the Febamar case, at 10:05 p.m. in TV3».

Despite the great reception, a part of the users have not been too amused. As is known, 'Crims' started via podcast in Catalonia Radio and it was so successful that, part of these cases, they decided to make them in a format for television.

Well, it turns out that today's case was already broadcast on the radio and, therefore, many people already know its outcome. Thus, various criticisms have been directed at the fact that it is not a new case, but that it has already been broadcast and, therefore, it is a repetition.

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