The SEPE warns of changes with the subsidy for housewives over 45 years of age

Housewives eagerly await the arrival of the new year. And it is that the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) warns of a series of modifications to the subsidy they charge. However, we will have to wait until January to know the scope of these variations.

The intention of the Government is that in 2023 the aid received by this group will increase by at least 8.5%. In this way, it would exceed 460 euros. This benefit is designed above all for those people with serious difficulties in finding a job.

At the moment, the government's plans regarding a possible increase in that subsidy are unknown. However, its objective is to equate social benefits to inflation, since in recent months this percentage has skyrocketed after the rise in the cost of energy as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

The date on which the increase in this aid will be announced remains to be known. However, it is expected that it could be throughout this week, especially when they already have knowledge of the CPI data for November.

  1. How much is the subsidy for housewives?
  2. What do I need to collect the RAI?
  3. The extra pay is received by those who receive agrant?

How much is the subsidy for housewives?

The help for housewives granted by the Government is known as Active Insertion Income (RAI). Currently, it reaches 462.21 euros per month. However, if the increase that the Executive has in mind is contemplated, it would reach 500 euros as of January.

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The increase, therefore, would be about 40 euros. However, this benefit is not available to everyone. A series of requirements are required.

Among other things, you cannot have an income greater than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, which would mean about 750 euros. They also request that the possible beneficiary not enjoy any other type of aid from the State.

What do I need to collect the RAI?

To collect the RAI it will be necessary to fill out an official application form and present the DNI. It will also be necessary to provide the account number where we want them to make the deposit.

In addition, it is necessary to provide the Family Book or the certification of the Civil Registry of birth or family. In SEPE, they will try to confirm our economic situation. For this reason, they ask us for the corresponding information so that we can justify the rents.

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Among other things, to perceive the RAI you have to be in thearrange and registered as a job seeker. With regard to age, the maximum is 65 years and you cannot have income above 75% of the minimum wage.

Regarding this last parameter, it could suffer variations. It will be conditional on whether the beneficiary has a spouse and/or children under 26 years of age or older with disabilities. If you have any kind of doubt, you can always consult the SEPE website.

The extra pay is received by those who receive agrant?

A few days ago, specifically on November 25, most pensioners received their Christmas pay. Are those who receive some type of subsidy or benefit entitled to this bonus? Many ask themselves.

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In the SEPE they clarify that "extra payments are not paid either in the contributory benefit or in the unemployment benefit." They charged the usual amount and within the usual period. However, it is possible that the date may vary slightly depending on the bank.

A few months ago they reported that they were returning to make the deposits on the original day, that is, the 10th of each month. If it falls on a holiday, it will be made on the next business day. Thus ended a period in which payments had been advanced.

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