the serious legal problems he had before he died

Bernardo Pantoja, brother ofIsabel Pantoja I stop d'Anabel Pantoja, died on November 25 at the age of 69. This was revealed by the reporter Save meJosé Antonio León, with a tweet shortly before 11:00 a.m. last Friday.

It should be remembered that Bernardo Pantoja was admitted at the beginning of the summer of that same year, but after a slight improvement they sent him home. Isabel's brother had serious health problems related to diabetes and had been fighting this disease for a long time. Finally, and after leaking out last Thursday that Isabel's brother's state of health was extreme, they announced the sad news.

Photomontage of Anabel Pantoja and her father, Bernardo Pantoja

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  1. Bernardo Pantoja, a life marked by scandals
  2. The controversial life of Bernardo Pantoja: he was sentenced to prison
  3. Junco took care of Isabel's brother in recent years

Bernardo Pantoja, a life marked by scandals

The truth is that Bernat Pantoja's life has been full of shadows. His life did not leave anyone indifferent and in March 1991 the first news about his dubious way of life came out to the press. That year Bernardo was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of Stole of bank documents and scam. Therefore, the father ofAnabel Pantoja He ended up in prison for a while.

A woman was involved in this issue. She worked in a cleaning company and was the person who collected the checks that, according to the accusation against Bernardo Pantoja, she falsified and tried to cash them later.

The controversial life of Bernardo Pantoja: he was sentenced to prison

In 1996 Bernardo Pantoja suffered a new setback and sat on the bench again: he was denounced for an alleged sexual abuse of a 14 year old girl. This minor had accused him of touching her in the middle of the street.

Anabel's father, who died this Friday at the age of 69, defended himself against these accusations. He was always clear that it was a setup to try to get money to be the brother ofIsabel Pantoja. However, this case ended in the worst way for him. The prosecutor raised his initial request from one year to two years and four months in prison.

Later, in 2006, one of Isabel Pantoja's brothers experienced a really hard episode after being stabbed in a pub in the Triana neighborhood.

Junco took care of Isabel's brother in recent years

Bernardo, who married Mercedes Bernal for the first time, with whom he had a daughter together, Anabel, remarried a few years ago. The father ofAnabel Pantoja he married for the second time at the age of 67 with Junco.

Image of Bernardo Pantoja accompanied by his partner Junco


We are talking about a Japanese ex-dancer who for years has taken care of her brother day and night.Isabel Pantoja. Her daughter did not attend that ceremony because, as she expressed it then, she "had no idea that she was going to get married and that day she was not in Seville," she declared.

It is true that, despite all the problems of the Andalusian's past, his daughter has always given him all the attention financially. Since she was diagnosed with diabetes, she has never lacked for anything.

Now, Anabel mourns the death of her father, which comes at one of the happiest moments of her life personally and professionally.

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