Theft of gold in a jewelry store in Cambrils

The Mimi jewelry store, in the Plaza del Pòsit in Cambrils, suffered a violent robbery this Tuesday morning by some thieves. The investigation is carried out by Mossos d'Esquadra, which for the moment confirms the facts, but declines to give details of what happened.

The events date back to 5:30 this morning in this business in the Plaza del Pósito in Cambrils. The authors have approached the business, probably wearing balaclavas to avoid the security cameras, and have torn off the metal door, even damaging a piece of marble on the floor.

Once the access was exceeded, they have broken the glass of the door and They have entered the interior, knowing that the alarm was activated and that they had a few minutes to get out of there with the loot. It is estimated that The robbery was perpetrated in just under 10 minutes, sources familiar with the investigation have admitted.

The thieves have entered the business and have gone directly to empty all those gold jewels that were within their reach. The rest of the objects that were for sale have not been touched. Thus, rings, watches, chains... of this mineral have been taken by handfuls and put in bags. Then, the thieves have left without anyone beyond the security cameras having captured their appearance.

The premises have a safe deposit box and it has not been affected by this jewelry theft. Probably because there was no time to open it and take what was inside.

A few minutes after the robbery, Mossos and Local Police have arrived at the Pòsit square and with them the owner of the business. Mossos has assumed the investigation and has taken the recording of the images.

About the loot, little has been revealed except that the number of jewels that have been taken would be high, which would multiply the economic value of the gold objects that the thieves have appropriated.

In the afternoon, they worked against the clock to repair the metal door of the business and to be able to leave the store closed when the workday ends.

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