there are 8 people affected

Scare early this Tuesday in the Eixample of Barcelona. L'set fire of an apartment located on Rosselló street has affected a total of eight people, three of whom have been injured.

Eight people have been treated for smoke inhalation in one set fire which, according to bombers of Barcelonaoccurred on the second floor of number 44 Rosselló street in Barcelona.

Of these, three were transferred to a hospital in mild condition. The fire has already been extinguished and the bombers of Barcelona They review the farm to rule out structural damage. The notice was received at 7:00 a.m. and forty minutes later the fire had already been put out.

  1. Alert in the networks
  2. Fire morning in the demarcation of Barcelona

Alert in the networks

Several people have echoed theset fire on social networks. In fact, the fire, which began at seven in the morning on Tuesday, November 29, has been extremely virulent and for this reason has required the rapid action of the bombers.

The Twitter user @elpancracio_ has published several images in which the magnitude of the flames could be seen.

According to him ALL Barcelonathe bombers of Barcelona They suggest that the cause of the fire would be the accumulation of electrical devices connected to the network, which would have caused a spark. This, likewise, would have affected a wooden table, which has been calcined due to the virulence of the fire.

Fire morning in the demarcation of Barcelona

And it is that the one in Eixample has not been the only one in the morning. The bombers of Generalitat have terminated theset fire in an industrial warehouse in Montornès del Vallès (Valles Oriental), as reported by the emergency department.

The fire had been declared early in the morning of this Tuesday in a ship in the metal sector. The bombers They have worked with twelve endowments.

The flames burned machinery inside the ship and did not affect any other nearby facilities. There are no injuries.

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