there is a minor among them

The Mossos d'Esquadra They have arrested three young people aged 21, 26 and 29 and a minor for trafficking marijuana from an occupied apartment in Salt. The Mossos consider the point of sale dismantled, important, according to police sources, and more than 500 doses of drug.

The investigation began in mid-October when the agents learned that marijuana was regularly sold in this house. The investigations by the Catalan police made it possible to verify that, apart from selling doses from this apartment in the Girona town, the traffickers also walked the streets to attract buyers. At the same time that they did these tasks, they watched over the house in the region of the Girones to avoid being discovered by the police.

  1. Other elements that indicate that they were engaged in drug trafficking
  2. All of them are already released awaiting trial.

Other elements that indicate that they were engaged in drug trafficking

The Mossos d'Esquadra They deployed an operation last Friday, November 25, early in the morning. During the entry into the occupied apartment and the search, a total of 553 doses of marijuana ready for sale were seized. They also located other evidence that directly related them to the traffic, such as cash.

Although there was little more than 350 euros, these were totally divided into small bills, as well as plastic bags and eight precision scales. During the police operation it was found that the house had the light fraudulently tapped into the electrical network. The four alleged traffickers were arrested and located inside the occupied apartment.

All of them are already released awaiting trial.

The four are accused of crimes against public health and fraud of electricity. The minor and an adult were released a few hours later waiting to be summoned to testify. The other two arrested were handed over to the investigative court acting as security guard. Girona.

Shortly after they were released pending trial. Agents from the Regional Area of ​​Operational Resources (ARRO), the Investigation Unit, Citizen Security and the Canine Unit participated in the police operation.

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