They locate in Barcelona a baby that the parents had taken without permission or custody

The Mossos d'Esquadra have located in Barcelona a baby taken from a French hospital by its parents without permission and without custody. Currently, the girl is now in the custody of the General Directorate for Child and Adolescent Care (DGAIA) and her mother is identified and traceable by the Mossos.

The Mossos were required this past Sunday by the French police. The gendarmes reported that a baby under seven months had been taken from the Saint-Étienne Hospital. This has been confirmed by Mossos sources to the Catalan News Agency.

  1. The little one was located in Barcelona
  2. The mother is identified, but not arrested
  3. Another kidnapping last month

The little one was located in Barcelona

The little girl was hospitalized since birth for being a premature baby. The first information indicated that her parents could be in Barcelona.

The Catalan police have located this Monday, November 28, at dawn in the small premature. After his parents had taken him from the French hospital without permission and without having custody of him.

The mother is identified, but not arrested

Finally, the Mossos located both the mother and the baby, who was transferred to a hospital and is currently in the custody of the DGAIA. The mother is already identified and located, but not arrested.

The same sources indicated that the Catalan and French police are working together and in contact to decide the next steps. For now, nothing is known about the father, but it is expected that in the next few hours they will identify and locate him.

Another kidnapping last month

The Ertzaintza arrested a woman who allegedly kidnapped a baby from the Basurto Hospital in Bilbao on October 20. A short time later they also located the newborn safe and sound on the mat at the door of an apartment, on the eighth floor of a building in the Basque capital. According to sources of the investigation, the woman rang the doorbell and fled.

The family that lived in the apartment notified the police that they had left the baby at their door. They declared that they had heard the news of the kidnapping of the baby and immediately tied their heads.

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