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Yesterday was 'Crims' night at TV3 and what a great night. The first part of the Febamar case has been one of those chapters that are not quickly forgotten. Packed with ingredients that prove the huge success of the true crime presented by Carlos Porta. Intrigue, unusual details and statements that left the entire audience speechless.

If the double homicide of Felipe Barrio and his sentimental partner already surprised, the police investigation to begin to discover the past of the victims left everyone stunned. This is the small summary of yesterday's episode that the public television of Catalonia has on its website:

«The owner of a car dealership in Alcanar is surprised one night in 2008 at his house while he is with the woman. The couple is tortured to death and the interior of the house appears very disturbed. In the yard, a vehicle is missing. The investigation takes place between Terres de l'Ebre and Castelló de la Plana and Mossos d'Esquadra Yo Civil Guard they will have to understand each other in order to solve it.”

  1. Provocations between the agents
  2. The Catalan State and the Reapers

Provocations between the agents

The crime of Felipe Barrio and his wife took place in 2008 in Alcanar, in the Montsia, right next to the N-340 and a few meters from the border with Castellón. In this way, almost, the investigation was the responsibility of the Mossos d'Esquadrasince the corpses were found in Catalan territory.

Although, when the police began to investigate, they were able to verify that the same afternoon as the events, Felipe Barrio was in a bar in Vinaroz, in Castellón. Therefore, when crossing the border, it was already the jurisdiction of the Civil Guard. Consequently, both corps had to work together and there was apparently a lot of tension between their colleagues, to the point of provoking each other.

At that time, it was a time of transition. They were the beginnings of Mossos d'Esquadra in Catalonia and, therefore, the Civil Guard he had to start leaving the site. In this way, the agents of the Civil Guard they were relieved by Mossos agents.

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The Catalan State and the Reapers

In yesterday's broadcast, Civil Guard Rafael Rodríguez Calvo made some statements that shocked the entire audience. In the first place, with regard to this tension between Civil Guard Yo Mossos d'Esquadrarevealed that the latter played the official anthem of Catalonia, Els Segadors, for somehow provoking them.

Civil Guard in the broadcast of 'Crims' yesterday on TV3

| TV3

Second, Rodríguez made a statement that set social media on fire. He recognized Catalonia as a state: «With those investigations, it was imposed that they Mossos d'Esquadra take the investigation outside the limits of the Estat Català”, he declared. What was commented by a large part of the viewers on social networks.

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