"They won't let me see Carmen Sevilla and I don't want to say goodbye in front of a coffin"

Carmen Sevilla is an actress much loved by the public and her fellow professionals. Among them is the vedete Norma Duval, who considers Carmen as her family. She joins them in a close relationship that was interrupted when the veteran actress entered a residence in 2015 for the Alzheimer's disease that she suffers from.

Norma contacted Carmen Sevilla's son, Augusto Algueró, with the intention of visiting her, but received no response to that request. «I asked Augusto to let me see his mother because I want to say goodbye and I have no answer. I want to see her and hug her, I don't want to say goodbye to her in front of a coffin," Duval said.

  1. The delicate state of health of Carmen Sevilla
  2. Carmen Sevilla and Norma Duval: much more than colleagues by profession
  3. Carmen Sevilla, 'the bride of Spain'

The delicate state of health of Carmen Sevilla

Carmen has only been visited by two people since she entered Aravaca: her son's and her friend Moncho Ferrer's. Every week they come to keep the artist company and observe how her state of health deteriorates. Algueró is attentive to his mother, who does not recognize him either, a complicated situation with which she has learned to live.

«Time has passed since this phase in which you saw that the cognitive deterioration was appreciated and that he was losing faculties. This was very hard," Augusto confessed on one occasion, referring to how it affects family members to see the deterioration caused by Alzheimer's in patients.

Image of Carmen Sevilla hugging her son Augusto Algueró Jr.

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In September 2022, the son of Carmen Sevilla broke his silence and spoke about the state of the famous actress. In a chat with his mother's biographer, José Aguilar, Augusto explained the artist's difficult situation due to her illness. "You already know that her condition is complicated, but she is stable within the situation," he explained.

Carmen Sevilla and Norma Duval: much more than colleagues by profession

The relationship between Carmen Sevilla and Norma Duval goes far beyond professionalism: «I want to hug her again. For me she has been my family. Augusto grew up with my sister Carla, he has worked with me, I hired him, I don't understand anything. We have always had a fantastic relationship. My parents have been her parents, I have been at the house of her parents, Mrs. Flora ».

Norma's mother passed away last year from the same disease that Carmen Sevilla suffers from and she knows how it affects patients. Norma does not give up and she maintains the hope of being able to say goodbye to her friend, whom she is very fond of. "I would like to say goodbye and give you a hug. If it can't be, I'll keep that little thorn and that's it, "she said excitedly.

Close-up of Norma Duval.

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At the moment, Augusto Algueró has not publicly stated his position on Norma Duval's request. Always discreet, he stays out of controversy and tries to avoid the media. Algueró made the decision that her mother should not receive visitors so that the people who love and admire her remember her as she was before suffering from Alzheimer's.

Carmen Sevilla, 'the bride of Spain'

María del Carmen García Galisteo was born on October 16, 1930 in Seville. Since she was 14 years old, she began her artistic career when she danced for Estrellita Castro. She did advertising, danced, sang couplets and acted in more than 70 movies.

Everyone wanted to marry her and for that reason they began to call her 'The Bride of Spain', since many suitors wanted to take her to the altar. Only Augusto Algueró, with whom she had a stormy relationship, and Vicente Patuel, who died in 2000, succeeded.

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