"We do not contemplate that energy has to come from outside"

Is there too much bureaucracy in the processing of renewables?

We have to make it flexible. We cannot ask the public according to what things more than three times. We have made the procedures to access renewable projects of less than 5 MW more flexible. We are capable of getting the authorization a green light in four months. We have to do that with everything. If not, we will go very slowly and complicate the path to achieve the objectives of the transition.

Has the opposition of the territories to projects decreased?

When I landed, the territory was on fire because there was a speculative bubble, many projects, sometimes tripled or quadrupled, overlapping. We modified the decree law so that this did not occur. We have burst the bubble. Now we are doing a good planning, which we did not find when we arrived either. We facilitate self-consumption, energy communities and smaller projects pending planning for those large projects that generate the greatest opposition.

We are at 15% renewable production. Is it feasible to reach 50% in 2030?

It's the idea. We think that we will be able, we know how to make the way. We can generate 1 GW per year and that brings us closer to meeting those goals by almost 2030 and by 2050 as well.

You have spoken of a lost decade. Whose fault is it?

There are many shared responsibilities. The administration didn't buy it. There was also no such situation. It is not just having clean energy due to a climate emergency. Now there are two more factors: security of supply and prices. I am critical of governments. The problem of the political class is to look at the short term, at the elections. I wish we would have started the transition ten years ago. We had no defined model. Catalonia is an industrial and tourist country, it is not Aragon nor do we have regions that are Los Monegros.

«If the Ministry rejects the allegations to the MAT Valmuel-Begues from Aragon, the Generalitat will return to the charge. It's not our model."

Do parks of up to 5 MW allow for a quick transition?

We do not have enough with them, nor with self-consumption, nor with the energy communities, nor with plates on all the roofs of the country, which also. If we did all that, it would be a very considerable percentage. But since we are a highly industrialized and touristic country and we want to remain competitive, we will need larger parks and that does have to be planned well.

This limit of 5 MW leaves out a certain percentage of the portfolio that would be processed.

We have expedited the smaller projects, preferential for us, those that make the public feel like they belong to them, but that does not mean that the rest of the projects are not being processed, but the processes are different and more complicated.

Has the south of Catalonia complied with renewables?

Absolutely. Many have complied and others have not. It is not about pointing out, but of course the south has done its homework. For others, even if they want to, it will cost more, due to space, orography... But there cannot be a subjective question that the territory does not want it. We all have to contribute. It should not be seen as a duty but as an opportunity. Lack of pedagogy

There is concern in the chemistry, of not arriving on time, with the Vall de l'Hidrogen included.

The Government is 100% with the Vall de l'Hidrogen. The transformation chain that is needed is much longer and less efficient than the direct use of renewable electricity. It will only be possible if we do it all in the same space. We have all the actors, the URV, too, to make it possible, with a cluster that gives outlet to this economy of scale. It requires a lot of renewables and that is where the restlessness comes from: doing it quickly and all at once. But we will.

«In Catalonia the nuclear debate is closed. We do the numbers taking into account that we will close the three power plants »

Part of the sector assumes that there is energy that will come from outside.

We want to produce it here. When it comes to us from outside, it does so with very high voltage lines and it is not what we want. We have made claims to avoid them. It is not the model.

At what point are those of the MAT Valmuel-Begues, from Aragon to Catalonia?

The ball is held by the Ministry. We present the allegations with various criteria, from three general directions: energy, rural agenda and environmental policies.

What will happen if they are dismissed?

They are extremely justified allegations, it will not be easy to dismiss them. We trust that it will go through negotiations. They are for issues of environmental impact and diversity, occupation of territory in spaces of agricultural interest.

Will the Generalitat return to the charge if they do not prosper and the project goes ahead?

Yes, because it is not our model. Everything we can do we will do, which is everything. It is not contemplated that energy comes from outside. For that you have to do your homework and many things well. And if something has to come from outside, we will set the conditions: in what way, from where.

The nuclear debate has been reopened in some countries.

In Parliament it is closed. We do numbers taking into account that in the different periods the three nuclear plants will close, even if someone says that it can be considered a green energy.

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