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The doctors of Catalonia say enough. They denounce that the current situation they are going through is unsustainable and the collective has decided to call a strike. Médicos de Catalunya, the majority union of medical personnel, has announced the call for a strike by physicians for the 25th and 26th of January.

The union calls on doctors to "lead a historic mobilization" to rebuild the system, considering that the current situation is "unsustainable". It is, basically, because according to them there is a "care overload, lack of doctors and precarious working conditions for professionals."

  1. The consequences of unemployment, beyond
  2. The government's reply: "They will know what to do"

The consequences of unemployment, beyond

The group itself has warned that the two days of unemployment may continue depending on how the situation evolves.

Médicos de Catalunya presented more than 50,000 signatures in Parliament a few days ago to improve public health and warned of the risk of continuity of the public health service.

With this strike, the group of doctors in Catalonia also hope to stop the bleeding suffered by the sector, accentuated especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the corresponding saturation to which the medical system was subjected.

The government's reply: "They will know what to do"

Minutes before the call for the strike by Doctors of Catalonia, the Government wanted to say its own. the secretary of Health Public, Carmen Cabezas, has said that medical professionals are "very responsible" and will know "what to do" in the current health situation.

In statements to Catalunya Ràdio, about bronchiolitis, he stated that the cases continue to rise but not as much as the previous week, according to internal data. Thus, he maintains that the peak could be registered at the end of this week.

As for care activity due to respiratory viruses, it has risen 6.7%, especially in primary care, but the previous week it grew 15% compared to the previous one, for which reason it has indicated that "it is slowing down."

The announcement of the strike by the Catalan doctors comes at a key moment and will force the Government to sit down at the negotiating table if they do not want the problem to go further.

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